Monday, July 4, 2011

Ode Poems

A couple members of the workshop volunteered to share their Ode poems from last Tuesday's class:

Ode to Acting (Isabel Isaacson):

I love the sound
of feet running
across the blackened
wood floor
the quietness when
being precise.
Sharing a moment with
someone I've just met
I love talking to
someone and not
know what they're
saying but
being able to understand them.
I love
touching what's not there
in the open
space just knowing
how to wow every
pair of eyes on me.
I love the creative
license I get when
enter the door
to freedom.
Complete freedom.

Ode to Chuck Norris (Jackson Blitz):

Definition -- beastitude.
Ability -- beast.
Weapon -- his fists.

Destroyer of

Defines infinity
divided by 0.

Movie Star. Many
roles played.

He pushes the Earth
Down doing push-ups.

Macho Man, he should be. His signals
Are impossible to tell.

Around him, everything ends
In death.

Ode to Books (Morgan Katz):

Books are like airplanes
Transferring you
to other worlds
And other lands.

Books are like magic--
The authors' talents with
words are like watching
a magic show.

Picture books are especially good--
They are like watching a movie. The pictures
Allow the reader to see the magic
in their own home.

What would I do without you, books?
How would I be able to experience
Other places and cultures without you?

Books are the magicians of libraries--
They have so many secrets between their
Just waiting to be revealed.

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